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Software Test Engineer

Carousell Technologies

Abhijeet Vaikar is a Software Test Engineer at Carousell, Singapore. He has been testing software since 7 years, and has extensively worked on improving quality of online marketplaces like ASOS, eBay and now Carousell. He has significant experience in automating tests, building test automation frameworks and tools to support improving quality of products. He is also a co-organizer of TAQELAH (Test Automation & Quality Engineer Lah!) - the most vibrant QA meetup community in Singapore.

Session Title - Ensuring Quality of Automated Test Framework and Scripts

Focus Area - Testing

1:15PM - 2:15PM

2nd Floor, Meeting Rooms 2-3


As Quality champions, we need to walk the talk. When we expect our developers to write quality code, write unit tests, build features without introducing bugs, the onus lies on us (as test engineers) to do the same. With almost every test engineering team writing automated tests to check functionality of their products and services, it becomes very important to ensure that the test automation framework and the test scripts are bug-free and follow high standards of software engineering. It cannot be stressed enough that test automation code should be as good as production code. In order to build production-quality test automation framework and scripts, a number of steps can be taken at:


1. Process level

2. People level

3. Code level


This session will go through a case study of how we ensure our automated tests are built with quality in mind. We will also see a demo of all the use cases.